Easy. Relaxed. I perched myself on the bed. A chiptune of Aussie birds peckering in the background, punctured by the raunchous screams of a cockatoo. "AAARRGH AAAAARGH" barked the existentially tormented bird, as it hurled its body adamantly through time and space. Why is it that the cockatoo can scream, but it's socially unacceptable for me, despite the fact I have to pay to live on this earth and they shit on my car for free. In fact, the only human that gets to shit and scream without consequence is the baby. Ah, the torment of lucidity.

From ages 17->20 you are either spending your time fucking everyone you can see or completely alone. There is no stop to this pendulum, eventually you meet someone worth fucking for a long time, that you can sit on the bed with and talk about all of the other people you've fucked, and how they were worse. Presumably, and I'm not religious, this would follow into the afterlife. When met at the gates by God, he explains to you how you were fucked by him too.