My only fascination (read: craving) is more learning. Perhaps why I am fanatic about technology and software is that there is always more to learn, more to build, and an entire society in flux as a result of it.

A brief chronology:

  • I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes when I was 10 or so. Not dead yet!
  • Started programming at 11.
  • Finished my International Baccalaureate with a 38, learnt French to B1.
  • Moved to Sydney when I was 17 on a scholarship for UTS.
  • Worked for two startups when I was 18/19.
  • Finished my degree when I was 20.
  • Just recently moved to Europe and started learning Dutch.
  • Lived out of a backpack/suitcase for over 6mo.
  • Worked as a senior blockchain/full-stack engineer for Port of Rotterdam.
  • Working as a core engineer on tBTC, the dominant Bitcoin on Ethereum peg.

This blog has been mangled many times - imperfect is better than null. I'm really crazy and positive - in tech, it's either a 0 or a 1!