I've been learning about systems and hacking since age 11. Since then, I've embroiled myself in a self-learning didactism of understanding everything in software.

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Some cool nerdy things:

  • I've contributed a patch to MediaWiki (what runs Wikipedia)
  • I've asked a couple big questions on StackOverflow, including an early one about tags in Go (200+)
  • I wrote the first non-finance blockchain product in Australia

Research areas

Codebase ontologies, relationships, graphs and diagrams. I applied PageRank to the AST in Go, and built a frontend around it here. Initially started with Python before realising the scope-level information was more accessible in Go.

Artificial neural networks, statistics/mathematics. In highschool, I investigated Markov Chains. For my university capstone thesis, I did a deep dive into deep learning and all the mathematical intuition that surrounds it.



  • JavaScript, Node.js, Express, React - my bread and butter. Written microservices, apps with Electron.
  • Go - early adopter of this fantastic productivity language. Local Git repo monitor, RPC protocol
  • Docker - use it for everything. Built a websockets microservice that runs Python in a Docker container.
  • Meteor.js - primarily a rapid MVP framework, I used this in my work at Veredictum. Also a Spotify-integrated social app.
  • Keras, Numpy, Jupyter - I got to grips with these tools in my final semester of UTS, where I wrote small neural networks and image processing assignments.
  • P2P systems - simple Bitcoin blockchain notarisation service, been quite interested in DHT's before blockchain was invented too.
  • Python - Ubuntu backup software
  • Django - built numerous JSON API backends in, while working at Cuberider and on personal projects such as Sydney Sunsets.
  • Ruby on Rails - in highschool I built a learning style testing system in this framework for a teacher.
  • Ruby - wrote a popular gem for Jekyll i18n
  • Java - one of the first, I used to contribute to an open-source game engine called Slick2D. My tiled map library, TiledMapPlus, is still included in many open-source games around the net. Here's a P2P publish-subscribe network simulator plugin.
  • PHP - lots of freelance WordPress theme development, Total Diabetes Care being a stellar example.