About me

Crazy eclectic energetic tech startup travel guy:

  • Born in England, raised in Australia
  • My middle name comes from a British children's show character, who has a big red face, a big bushy moustache, a tophat, springs for legs, and is a magician. It also means my initials are LZEP...rock and roll, baby!
  • Type one diabetic since age 10
  • Programming since 11, projects ever since
  • Did the International Baccalaureate at the Queensland Academy for Science, Maths and Tech (IB 38)
  • Read/write French (learnt in school)
  • I slackline
  • Moved out of home to Sydney at age 17, into UTS housing (an international paradise)
  • Lead full-stack engineer for Cuberider at 19

A couple of my interests

  • Languages, their evolution, their style
  • Maths
  • Wikipedia
  • Reggae Mondays
  • Basil